Property management

Behind the Scenes with Dan Major, Associate of Property Management

May 22, 2024

We sat down with Dan Major, who has over two decades of property management experience, where he shares key milestones and challenges from his days studying to his role at Metrus.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in property and why? 

My fascination with the property industry began over 25 years ago. At 15, during my parents’ house sale, a building surveyor visited. Observing their conversation about the construction, compliance and maintenance of the house ignited my interest in property and from that moment, I was hooked. 

My journey began with an apprenticeship under the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust. At 17, I juggled college and a part-time job until I was presented with an opportunity at DJ Levy (now known as Levy’s) as an apprentice.  

What qualifications did you need to start your journey and how long did it take to eventually finish and qualify as a Chartered Surveyor? 

The journey was 8 years. Reflecting back, the landscape has undoubtedly changed and I needed a handful of GCSE’s and a GNVQ in Business Studies to be accepted on the first course.  I remember my time fondly at Lambeth College and South Bank and Kingston Universities, where I completed various courses and a Real Estate Management degree. Balancing work four days a week with a day release during this period certainly helped with time management that’s for sure! The final stage was a process with a structured training programme (Assessment of Professional Competence) before sitting the final assessment where I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. 

Looking back, what were your highlights?

I’d start with earning my degree – a major milestone for me as the first Major in my family to attend university and qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor. Working with some fantastic clients, colleagues and buildings all over the UK from London to Edinburgh to the other side of Snowdonia. 

At Metrus, every day brings its own successes, from meeting various targets, retaining and growing various relationships and doing my best to ensure a best in class service is provided. I manage a great portfolio of commercial and residential buildings that challenges me everyday.  

What challenges have you faced over your career? 

Everyone faces various challenges in life, both personally and professionally. Personally, I’ve never been one to shy away from tough situations.  

Earlier in my career, balancing work, personal life and being a student was not easy. When I stop to think about that 8 year period, it blows my mind. It effectively shaped me personally and professionally. For example my final year at University was also my first year of my APC so that was a very busy time, I was going to work four days managing my own portfolio of properties, whilst writing a dissertation and going to university on a Friday plus CPD seminars after work as well. It was a lot to manage but I had to be organised, calm and focused. I wanted to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor and had to make certain sacrifices, but it was also important to balance that goal with having time for yourself. I am so grateful to everyone that backed me and supported me on that journey. 

Property management has changed over my career. Whether that be technology, market conditions, compliance, customer care and you are faced with various challenges managing properties on a daily basis. I love to be challenged and working out a solution to a problem. 

What advice would you give to a younger Dan starting off in his career? 

Looking back at my younger self, I would see someone brimming with ambition clear goals and I would tell him to sponge up every bit of advice given.  While I’m content with where I’ve ended up, I’m mindful of the hurdles newcomers face in this field that are taking the same path as I did. I would say balancing work, studies, and personal time is crucial but demanding. sacrifices are inevitable – whether it’s skipping social outings to focus on exams or delaying travelling. I love to travel, and I would tell a younger me “Don’t worry, you will get the opportunity to see the world. Patience is key; success doesn’t happen overnight. Trusting the process, whichever journey you are on, is paramount.”

What do you believe makes a great property manager and are the fundamental skills to support this? 

You are dealing with people so you need to be personable in this industry and it is a team game in property management. I feel every role across the business is crucial to drive success.  One of the first things I learnt was to treat a property as if it were your own and to understand the building you manage and the objective. I get under the skin of my properties from the offset which involves understanding the landlord and occupier leasing makeup/relationship, the service charge and also the operational side of things. I have found success by building up a blend of knowledge, communication, being reliable, staying up to speed with the market, engaging in continuous professional development and being adaptable to change. Having a system to manage your time is essential as well and I learnt this very early on during my student/work life period.  

What’s next for Dan? 

I love Property Management and so does Metrus, I’m all about chasing ambitions and thriving in this family-like business.  I will continue to maintain and build upon stronger connections, and bring in fresh instructions where the right opportunity arises. And hey, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be mentoring a younger version of myself! 


Starting as an apprentice, Dan has balanced studies and work and clearly showcases the power of perseverance, supported by mentors and family. His success hinges on adaptability, effective communication, and a commitment to treating every property with care. As he looks to the future, Dan is eager to continue growing at Metrus, prioritising teamwork and a supportive atmosphere in his pursuit of excellence.