Metrus on Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

At Metrus we start with the basics within our own office environment and by embedding sustainability into everything we do, across every service and team, both as individuals and as a company every action matters, filtering through to our managed properties.

We recognise the need for urgent action in addressing the climate crisis and rapidly transitioning to a greener, safer and more resilient economy.   With 40% of carbon emissions coming from the built environment, we are clear that it is important that we continue to embed these values in the way we service our clients.  Most recently we have taken a significant step forward, by conducting our first Net Zero Audits at our key properties. These audits create asset specific road maps to net-zero, built around our own accredited EMS status which is helping us break-down this target into methodical and transparent steps.

Our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy

Your ESG requirements may differ and this will depend on your real estate strategy. These considerations can impact risk and return.   ESG is increasingly at the front and centre of property investment decisions and has an ability to shape value in multiple ways.

Whether your ESG challenges relate to keeping on top of reporting or improving visibility on your ESG results and performance improvement, Metrus can help.   From efficiently compiling ESG data and reporting, to benchmarking ESG performance against peers, to optimizing processes and operations that directly contribute to ESG results, Metrus with its partners, can help you cost-effectively improve on all things related to ESG.   We aim to be your ESG real estate partner to provide clear, transparent insights, advice and solutions to support your ESG strategies and help you become more sustainable now and in the future.