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John Strickland Explores the Evolving World of Resident Engagement.

June 6, 2024

John Strickland, our Head of Residential Management, brings 30 years of property management experience. Together with his expert team, he oversees numerous properties across London, including Chelsea Harbour. Today, John delves into a crucial aspect of successful property management: resident engagement.

Modern property management extends beyond merely following regulations and fixing maintenance issues; it’s about fostering a connected community where everyone feels valued. Since October, the principal accountable person for high-rise buildings must prepare a resident engagement strategy. This strategy involves residents in decisions about building safety and is essential for your building assessment certificate.

Is resident engagement a new concept? Not really. Competent managing agents should already be collaborating closely with residents on safety and everyday concerns. Problems arise when communication breaks down, sometimes due to difficult residents, overconfident managers, or clients pushing ahead without resident input. However, the best outcomes occur when residents are involved, as it’s their safety and money at stake.

We’ve found that residents genuinely appreciate being part of the decision-making process. A well-thought-out fire strategy, openly communicated with clear reasoning, ensures maximum safety for everyone. Develop your strategy, be honest with your residents about what needs to be done, engage with them, and then take action. While there may be some pushback, clear explanations can lead to a compliant and safe building.

Many in our industry are still navigating the new laws, but at Metrus, our experienced property managers and knowledgeable consultants have helped us find the best path forward. Resident engagement is a cornerstone of good property management. Embracing it will help us all move in the right direction. Let’s continue building thriving communities together.