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Navigating Career Pathways. Dana Cherneva – My Journey with Metrus.

March 25, 2024

Here at Metrus, one of our team members, Dana Cherneva, Management Surveyor, reflects on her unique path, sharing her story of professional growth and the lessons she’s picked up along the way. Join us as we dive into the tales of Dana who has worn many hats within our company after navigating a career that first saw Dana competing in European and World Karate Kyokushin Championships and later training to be a personal trainer. Dana has embraced change to cultivate enduring connections and ongoing growth in the dynamic landscape of her career journey.


Can you share a bit about your journey to where you are in your career today?

My career journey has been diverse, transitioning through various departments within Metrus. Starting in residential management, then moving up to become an Area Building Manager and now in the position of Management Surveyor, a lot has changed in just four years! Working across various company operations has allowed me to discover my strengths and interests. I’ve always made it a point to communicate my career aspirations and direction to management. This transparency paid off, as my team supported me, leading to my current position.


How do you feel working in an industry that has typically been dominated by men?

Having been part of predominantly male-dominated environments, encountering a similar dynamic in my current industry doesn’t come as a surprise and I do not perceive it as something that holds me back. The environment in the company is very supportive and friendly and both men and women are encouraged to reach their full potential.


What skills or competencies do you consider most crucial in your field?

It comes down to three key factors that stand out above the rest. Firstly, attention to detail is paramount. With the vast amount of information we handle, paying close attention is essential. Secondly, processing speed is crucial. Given the volume of tasks and information, being able to quickly digest and respond is vital. Lastly, patience is perhaps the most important. In our line of work, communication with various parties is paramount, and patience is key in navigating these interactions effectively.


How do you stay updated or continuously learn in your profession?

For me, my career path has been unconventional, as I’ve transitioned through various roles. However, in each role, I’ve focused on all aspects of professional development. This includes identifying qualifications to enhance my skills and knowledge, staying updated on evolving legislation, and engaging with experienced colleagues to learn from their expertise. I consider myself fortunate to work with a team that offers invaluable experience and support, which I actively leverage for my  professional growth.


What are some of the biggest challenges that you might have faced in your career?

Certainly, there are challenges, with work-life balance being a significant one. Another challenge revolves around maintaining mental sharpness to effectively process incoming tasks. Personally, I find that factors like not enough sleep for example  can impact me and slow down productivity.


What has been your most memorable success at Metrus?

While there isn’t a singular milestone to highlight, I consider my ongoing commitment to consistency and perseverance as an achievement. Cultivating meaningful connections with colleagues throughout my journey has proven particularly rewarding too.


What’s the best career advice you’ve received that has stayed with you?

I haven’t adhered strictly to just one piece of advice. Instead, I’ve learned through reflecting on my experiences and searching within myself for the right answers. I like to believe that I am actively shaping my career, rather than allowing it to happen by default.


Dana’s varied experiences have shaped her outlook, with a devotion to precision, adaptability, and patience. Supported by a collaborative team and a commitment to ongoing development, Dana exemplifies the resilience ingrained in our company ethos. Together, we shape the future of the property industry with passion, dedication, and resilience.