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One Strand Achieves WiredScore Platinum

April 14, 2023

Metrus is delighted to announce One Strand has joined an elite group of buildings worldwide in achieving a Platinum certification from WiredScore.

One Strand is an iconic London property, boasting a commanding view over Trafalgar Square. It has been managed by Metrus for over 10 years and is home to over 200,000 square feet of mixed-use space including retail and offices. This Grade A building has been certified by WiredScore, the digital connectivity rating system for real estate, as offering occupiers best-in-class resilient digital infrastructure.

What is WiredScore?

WiredScore is the only internationally recognised digital connectivity rating scheme for real estate. The certification assesses and provides a rating for buildings based on their in-building digital connectivity and infrastructure. This includes mobile connectivity, network infrastructure, resilience to power cuts, choice of internet service provider, and the building’s capacity to adapt to new technologies.

The Platinum WiredScore rating is the highest certification level a building can achieve, and it indicates that the property has outstanding internet connectivity, infrastructure, and technological capabilities.

Keeping our occupiers connected

At Metrus, we know how important it is to remain connected to ensure businesses can operate efficiently and effectively. Collaboration is also key for many businesses, and reliable connectivity can enable employees to work together effectively, whether they’re in the same office or working remotely.

The WiredScore Platinum rating verifies that One Strand provides occupiers with exceptional access to fibre connectivity as well as a choice of internet service providers, best able to support diverse connections. The building can deliver the connectivity needed for all occupiers, and the infrastructure measures are in place to ensure the connection is protected and secure, and the risk of connectivity loss and interruption is reduced.

The physical infrastructure of all buildings can impact the reliability of internet connections; in fact, 70% of all internet outages are caused by an issue within a building’s infrastructure. The recent extensive refurbishment of One Strand incorporated improvements to ensure there would be minimal risk of disruption for our tenants in future. This has now been independently verified by WiredScore engineers.

Elliot Coleman, Director at Metrus, said “We are delighted to be able to offer all the occupiers and users of One Strand a best-in-class connectivity service.”

Future-proofing Building Infrastructure

Ensuring our managed buildings are future-ready is integral to our ethos at Metrus. Through WiredScore Platinum certification, we have proven that One Strand has an outstanding digital infrastructure enabling our occupiers and their businesses to keep pace with digital innovations and future technologies.

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